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It worked for me but cutting off now

I was skeptical but this product worked for me, I can definitely see a change in my abdominal region. I gave it a 4 because now it seems to cut off earlier during use. I don’t know why and don’t know how much longer it will last.. I purchased it in January it’s only March.

This product is great, I love it. It's small enough that it blends nicely with whatever room you choose to use it in. The unit easily unscrews in half, you fill the reservoir with water, screw back together, plug in and touch the indicator and immediately it begins to emit a fine spray into the air. Touch the indicator twice, you can enjoy the color changes on the unit. I have trouble with my sinuses drying and becoming painful, due to the heat on in the winter months. This little unit has solved that problem for me and my plants are in heaven with the new humidity within the house.
I'm very happy with this product and I will recommend it to anyone who has sinus issues during the winter months due to heat creating dry air within your house.

Sturdy Pull up bar.

So far this bar is a big hit at the house. I bought it for my oldest son to start working out with and my daughters tried it also and loved it. It holds up well to all kinds of pressure. Is extremely sturdy. This is mg second pull up bar as the kids found a way to break the other one which wasn't a bar like this. Would definitely recommend this product.

Feels solid

I have a pretty solid walkway arch I mounted this bar to. You can put lot of good tension on the bar for secure fit. Also used piece of paper towel to protect the paint further. I am 250 pounds and I can hang on this bar no problem. Hopefully in the future I can knock out some good numbers. but, as of now I can do couple no problem on this bar. feels secure and I don't feel like it will collapse. Just make sure it's on tight and leveled and I think you will be good to go.

Sturdy bar, should work well.

Surprisingly sturdy. The bar takes a lot of rotations of the tool to reach the full length, but that is what makes it very adjustable. Bar seems well made, and is a little heavy. I suggest extending the bar most of the desired length before trying to place it in the door. Adjusting the length in the doorframe while holding above your head would be a little tricky for one person to do.
I am not using this as a pull up bar, but instead as a door stop. The bar does support my weight (200 pounds) and seems to evenly distributed that weight across the door frame. Make sure the door you want to use this on is sturdy.

Legit Design

The heavy-duty door mount supports 440 pounds and is recommended for most humans. It is solidly built.

The bar is adjustable and fits different doors.

Comfortable foam grips are good. Why I decided to buy this unit, alignment bar is a great, i did not see that option at the other units.

Sturdy Doorway Pull Up Bar

I installed the pull up bar into the 35" entryway into my bathroom. The bar was easy to setup. There is a level in the center of the bar, and it comes with the adjustment allen wrench to expand the bar. On the top of the bar, there is a spot to hold the allen wrench for easy removal.

Functionally, the bar is very sturdy. I am 150 lbs, and I haven't noticed any wobble in the bar when doing pullups. I am very happy with the product!

Pull up Bar

A solid pull up bar and easy to use. It came in very nice package and easy to follow instructions. Took less then 5 minutes to install. I am 175 pounds and and the bar handles my weight very well. My kids are also using it to practice pull ups and just hanging on it for stretching. Its a solid product that has a level indicator so that the bar is straight when installed. Happy with the purchase.

Sturdy, comfortable pull up bar.

The pull up bar is pretty much as described. It’s nice, mobile and sturdy and fits in the standard door frame just fine. You just have to make sure you tighten it properly with the provided tool, so that it doesn’t slide down when you put your body weight on it. I like that it’s not too big, but you feel comfortable putting pressure on it. The hand grip area is cushioned nicely and extremely comfortable as well. Seems like it was thought out nicely. Easy to store away. This definitely helps work out at home while not having access to gyms.

I bought it for my husband and he loves it.

EMS if what I want it!

I've had this EMS infrared machine for about 5 weeks and I’ve used it religiously every other day on my thigh area. I can definitely see my thighs are more toned. When using EMS function, it must use together with serum or oil, otherwise, you can't feel nothing. You can't feel strong vibration of sonic, but you can feel the EMS obviously.

Great product

I’m guilty of not using it often but at first it was working great I just need to be consistent

love it

Perfect, just enough buttons to meet all needs


Get this. Worth it.

Very helpful pillow

Since using this pillow I have less neck pain. I only use it with the round side down because the other way is too high and hard for me. I am primarily a side sleeper. I like the removable/washable cover even though I use a pillow case on it. When I first got it it had an odd smell (maybe outgassing of the material?). That is gone now. All in all I like it and now my husband wants to try it out to see if he wants one too.

Nice pillow

Nice one, did its job helping relieve neck pain, a little hard on your ear when you sleep on the side.

Best, Most Used, Cheapest Item All Babies Need!

Bebato was one of the cheapest, best and most used purchases I made as a new mommy.

The tub is lightweight and rather small so it will fit in any nook or cranny when not in use so you don’t have to clutter your bathroom or bath tub.

It comes with a sling attachment for when your baby is super small. I purchased a separate large sponge to insert on top of the sling as my baby was born very premature. So that has worked very well for us. Our babe is now 5 months old and 11 lbs and he is about ready to be on the sling without the sponge right now. We've been using the tub 3-4 times per week since he was born and everything is perfect, like new.

Our baby seems to enjoy this tub, he gets comfortable and just waits patiently until we are done bathing him. Definitely see why this is the best selling baby tub, it’s simple yet designed with the baby and parents in mind. Highly recommend it.

Great tub, holds the little guy nicely with no slippage!

Honestly, my wife wanted a different model but I loved the price of this one. Now that we have had it, she wouldn't want any other tub. The mush really does hold a newborn (our son is now 2 months) and she is able to have both hands for soaping up the little guy. Other products leave you to hold onto your baby, but this one can truly be hands free. (I don't suggest leaving your baby alone by any means, so I hope you know what I am saying). I will update once he is old enough to be out of the mesh and into the tub portion!

It is ok.

A baby bath is a must until they can sit up on their own. I didnt really care to much for this baby bath. First, the newborn sling is worthless because while it holds the newborn, the baby is not even in the water. That makes it hard to clean the baby and not to mention makes them cold. One the newborn sling is not needed, it is a little better. I just feel it is not really comfortable. The side that holds the baby's bottom seems hard. I just feel the design could be better. It is easy to clean and use though. It gets the job done but as soon as he can sit up we are finding something different.

Great Tub with Great Features!

My wife uses this more than me, but I have used it and found it useful in every way. We haven't tried the sling thing yet, but as far as the tab it works well and fits perfectly over our sink. Since I haven't used the sling I can't comment on whether or not that hump in the middle bothers the child or not, but as far as a sitting tub that hump is useful for stopping the little one from sliding down. Mine moves around a lot, so even if he had perfect balance and body control, without the hump he would still find a way to slide in so I'm all for the hump. Seems comfortable enough for him and the drain makes it easy to get rid of all the water. Love the little slots for storing things like toys and soap. Highly recommend this!

Easy to bathe in

Just what I needed for my new born baby to relax in while taking a bath.

Does what it's intended to well!

This is the third one we've purchased over the years for our children and find it easy to be able to bath our newborn. It's really well built and we know from experience that it can take a little beating without getting damaged. The different stages which are built within make it really easy to switch the baby as they get older. The added mesh is great for newborns but we have yet to use it as the baby can sit comfortably in the tub while being supported with one hand. Definitely recommend!


I often worry about having a small belly, so I have been looking for a machine that can remove fat. When I happened to see this product on Amazon, I decided to buy it. The fat burning machine has sonic, infrared, and EMS functions, which can help you have a good figure in a short time. With this device, I can easily remove belly fat at home.

Worth the money

This was very easy to setup. I used it for one kayak, however it appears there are straps for 2. I would recommend buying some triglide sliders for the nylon straps to keep them from creeping. Had to pull over a couple of times during a 4hr trip on the highway to tighten things up.

Makes my crazy hair look so nice!!!

This hair curling tool is seriously one of the best hair tools I have ever purchased! I have thick and naturally curly hair. Most of the time if I want my hair to curl nicely, I have to kill it with a blow dryer and then kill it again with the flat iron over and then try to curl it! And sometimes it does not even look nice after all that. This spin curler is so easy to use and it only took me about 15 minutes to curl my crazy hair with some volume. My hair has never been this soft and nicely wavy! My hair looks extremely pretty! I had a lot of compliments the first time I used this hair tool! Great quality and works amazingly well. This hair curler will work on all hair types… My teenage daughter loves it as well! We highly recommend this awesome hair curling tool to everyone! When this one wears out, I will definitely be buying another one of these products! FABULOUS TOOL!!!♥️

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