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Worth the money

This was very easy to setup. I used it for one kayak, however it appears there are straps for 2. I would recommend buying some triglide sliders for the nylon straps to keep them from creeping. Had to pull over a couple of times during a 4hr trip on the highway to tighten things up.

Happy I bought it!

I am very happy with this purchase. Very easy to set up and useI like the different setting and how quite it is. I think I’m going to geta lot of use out of this. I like all the attachments as well but I would liketo know if there are any other attachments that can be purchased for it.I could buy for this though.

Good value option

This is my first use of a massage device like this. I work out pretty regularly and have a lot of sore muscles and aches and pains. I have to say after a couple of days of using this I think it's a good purchase. I spoke to a friend who does physical therapy, and he said that it didn't seem as strong as the one they have in there clinic, but that this one got the job done. Course this model is significantly less expensive than what they bought the one in the clinic for.

Easy to use

Love this product. Received it in the mail about a week ago and have been bringing it with me everywhere I go. So easy to use and and chance I get to use it, I do

Reminds me of the flying taxi in 'The Fifth Element'

Lots of fun, easy to fly! It's not a drone you're going to fly in windy conditions, but it flies well indoors. The optical flow positioning works much better than I thought it would, holding position when I let go of the controls. Battery life is short but then it's a small battery in a small drone. The case is well designed and well made. I can see leaving this in my Jeep so I can have a drone with me for those unexpected moments when I don't have my bigger drones with me.

Very nice machine!

This is super nice to have! I wish I had one of these years ago! My husband has skin tags under his armpits and this is slowly but surely getting rid of them. Very nicely made and much cheaper than a dermatologist!

Very nice

 Every nice small flexible drone I love it so much.You can put it in your pocket and just bring your phone!Nothing worry else!They got two batteries and you can easy share your pic or video record online for social media !Smart choice!

Decent drone that is very compact

Seems decent for this price range and very compact especially since you use your smart phone as a controller. No detailed instructions so you need to learn as you fly. Only practiced indoors and have not taken it outside yet. Seems to function well as long as your smartphone (controller) has a clear line of sight with the drone. Once there is an obstacle or obstruction between the two, I find the drone to be non responsive and it acts irradictaly. Seems to be a good starter drone but pics and video doesn't seem to be true 1080p since the drone has to stream the data to your phone via wifi and can lag or buffer at times.


I love it... difficult at first for the controls but you get use to it... it is a small drone be aware of the wind!!! Over all a great buy... great camera too...

I recommend this product 100%

Great product. Better than going to doctor and getting froze off

So far, so good!

Great for beginners. Company very responsive!

Easy for anyone to use

 I love how easy it is to use and the lightweight

Works on WiFi!

For the price, works pretty good!

Great product

Great product for price easy install,

Perfect for a couple.

It’s enough for a couple .Perfect for making small, crunchy ice.I saw it at my friend's party and bought one for myself.Since I have it, I can watch a movie with my girlfriend throughout the night, or watch a football game alone.It’s fun to squeeze out the ice,a definitely a fun gadget.

Works like the expensive ones

Works great

Highly recommend

Great for French fry lovers

Amazing scale

Love this scale works amazing with my phone

Why didn’t I know about this gadget?

Not quite sure how I’ve lived my whole life without knowing this gadget existed! I came across that by accident on a YouTube video I was watching about naturally curly hair. After straightening my hair for over 50 years and watching it slowly break away from all the damage, I decided to embrace my curls, however I do not have the time to wait for my very thick hair to dry by air. I attach this to my blow dryer while I’m putting my makeup on in the morning and then sit for a few more minutes to check emails, Facebook, and write Amazon reviews like this :-) it dries so much faster and bounce than using a regular diffuser on a blow dryer. I read a couple of reviews talking about how hot 30 years were. My blow dryer has three settings, a low medium and hot. The hot setting is definitely too hot and actually not recommend it. The medium setting is perfect for me and never gets too hot for my face or ears. I also love how small and compact it folds up so that I can take it with me when I travel and it does not take up very much room at all! I wish I had learned about this years ago when I might’ve gone curlier sooner.

Excellent DIY

Great way to make your own baby food!

Great for Natural Hair styles

This was a great investment, I almost fell asleep using. It touched every part of my head and if it wasnt for my glasses I know the air would of been kept in and only exiting through the small holes on the cap. Glad I ordered this product.


beautiful colors,, my taste!

Even my drunken self wanted another!

This umbrella was so good that when I thought I left it at the bar, I drunkenly ordered a second one on my home. When I woke up the next morning I realized that the original umbrella was in my bag the whole time. Well, thanks to tequila I now have two.


Great sparkle! Great colors!

Good umbrella but a little heavy

Great umbrella for wind and rain but it’s a bit more heavy than I would like to keep in my purse. It’s also not as compact as I would have liked.

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