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Pulse pads

I LOVE this product but cannot find where I order replacement pads. (the generic TENS unit pads do not plug in to the cords) Has anyone ordered replacement pads before? If so please help.

Safe Infant™ Baby Carrier
henriette boadway-overbeek

I can not review because I gave the baby carrier as a gift and have not heard back...

Groomypro experience

Satisfied with the rubber brush fixture, it does a good job.
The vacuum does not work, I’m disappointed, I thought I had found the solution.

Chillbreeze™ Portable Air Condition

It works well and feels great.

A new way to snorkel without a foggy lens

We bought four of full face snorkel masks for a recent snorkeling trip to the Great Barrier Reef. For the majority of our group, these worked very well. If you have spent any time with a traditional snorkel, these will take a bit more to get use to.

The one thing I wish could be solved, and why I used a traditional snorkel more, is you you really truly can’t go under water for any reason. There is a chamber with a check valve that prevents water from entering the mask. Problem is, it prevents air as well, even if you surface. Only way to use the mask again is to remove it and get the water out.

No water, no fogging just enjoy the view!!

I can't wait to use this snorkel in the ocean! We just got it today and my son and husband had to try it out in the pool. My husband and 10 year old on were both able to wear a S/M. When swimming no water got in their nose or mouth and they didn't have any fogging ( it has inhaling and exhaling individually in dual channels to prevent fogging)!! They were even able to swim under the water and my son was doing flips and didn't have to take them off once. If you try to breathe it will suction to your face to prevent water from coming in. The product comes with a storage bag, ear plugs and a removable camera mount (we don't have a go pro so didn't try this part out).

My son said he wanted to use the full face snorkle instead of his goggles in the pool but I know he wouldn't care for it properly (keep dry after use and store outside of sunlight) so we are just going to let him use them occasionally when we can remind him of proper care to keep them in good shape for when we go on our next vacation.

Kids love it

We got 3 of these, two for our 6 and 7 year old and my husband. Our oldest child loved it and the fit was great and he couldn't wait to use it again. Our youngest also loves it but unfortunatly he is a tiny little guy and it was not as snug as a fit as it could have been. This doesnt stop him from using it as he just loves having his head under water. The breathing still works for him the water gets in his eye part but its no fault of the design. As for my husband's its a little tight but he does have a huge head. He says its tight but awesome and he loves it. First step to teaching the boys about scuba diving.

These work great!

I bought these to take on our first cruise. They worked perfectly! Each person had their own color and they pack well too. Would definitely buy again!!


The brace is lovely. I truly love it. Heats up both knees and massaging is great. Just lovely.

Ocean Eyes™ Face Snorkel
Felicita Gislason
Easier to use than the classic snorkel and mask

Bought this one for a vacation with my son and his family. It was a hit! Everyone enjoyed using it and found it to be very easy and fun to use compared with the classic snorkel and mask that always seems to fog up and leak. The only time this leaked was when I had hair underneath the seal of the mask. So much better line of sight vs the classic mask. I bought a similar one for my 5 year old granddaughter and it also was a hit!

No water gets in my eyes or mouth

I love this snorkel!! I live in Dallas and use this product to swim laps so I don't have to raise my head (I'm 68).
I have a de-fog spray but it's hardly needed with this mask which virtually stays fog-free.
My son let me borrow his snorkel for last summer but the nose piece hurt the top bridge of my nose.
This snorkel does not and fits perfectly over my face. The straps can be detached which is great; now to figure out how to attach it while on my head!
When fitted properly on my head, no water gets in my mouth or eyes and I can swim for 40 minutes without leakage (I just get tired).
The snorkel piece detaches easily from the mask so it can be folded up.
This snorkel also came with a camera attachment and earplugs. Maybe someday I'll use it in the ocean but it's doubtful. I appreciate the earplugs very much.
It also comes in a handy mesh bag in which I can store the snorkel, earplugs and my swim cap!
I recommend this snorkel very highly and would give it 6 stars if I could!

Great product, works as promised.

I got this for a trip to Hawaii, and it worked great. It did take a few trust to get it positioned and suctioned just right so that water didn't flow in, but once I figured out how to properly apply the mask it worked great. It didn't dog up like some mask, and I didn't feel oxygen deprived. I tend to feel a little claustrophobic when wearing snorkel gear so will usually surface frequently, with this mask I was experiencing much longer snorkel time without that feeling.

Going underwater completely the ball at the top would close off to prevent water from coming in as promised. Probably due to lack of experience on my part this did take some getting used to as the closure would create a weird feeling of not being able to get air, as I would forget to hold my breath.

The local snorkeling spots were all offering similar models to this for rentals, so owning it saved me some money. I let my friend who has a full beard try it out and even he was able to get full suction to snorkel.

Ocean Eyes™ Face Snorkel
Nathaniel Collier
Great views with a warm face!

I open water swim in waters that are around 30-40 degrees F all year round. This snorkel mask is great as my face doesn’t freeze! It takes a minute to figure out how to breathe as you can’t take normal breaths while wearing. After that short learning curve I have enjoyed! Comfortable on the head. I had to take it off while floating. Easy to put back on without any issues. Fogging up was not an issue. Now the only issue I found was when I tried the backstroke... needless to say not a great idea as it puts the vent underwater. No water got sucked in! I just couldn’t breathe and panicked a little. Turned over and went on my merry way. Being able to get distracted by all the sea creatures while swimming along is worth it. This should be a standard for anyone who open water swims in colder water!

I haven’t received the knife sharpener as of yet,

Full face soooooo much better than old style mask

There's been a lot of hubbub lately about full face masks and how safe they are. I've only used this in a pool so far, so here are my observations.
The POSITIVES: The viewing experience is soooo much better than old-style masks. You feel like you're not even under water. I don't have to constantly readjust and purge leaks...the suction on this mask is set once and done. The breathing is comfortable and natural. The mask didn't fog up at all. I only used it for less than 10 minutes, but didn't notice any excessive intake of CO2. I felt confident that I was getting fresh air with each breath.
The NEGATIVES: If you dive deeper, the suction pressure on your face gets increasingly intense. The first 5 feet or so is fine, then it starts to get uncomfortable. I personally don't like diving deeper than about 8 feet so it's not an issue for me. And unlike old style masks, you can't reset pressure by holding your nose to go deeper. Because the breathing is so natural on full face masks, you may forget to hold your breath when diving. The air flow is cut off instantly when water touches the air tube mechanism. This just takes getting used to being aware to take a deep breath before you dive. If you're at all not confident about how to breathe in a full face mask, you probably should stick with the old style.
Overall, love this.

Here fishy fishy

Wow ! We can see everything now through a clear lense without fogging. A surround sort of view. Fits very snug in all the right places, allowing underwater fun. Very sturdy and well built.

TIROL™ Car Soft Rack
cathy waldenville
Loved it

Loved it we needed a way to haul our kayaks and this was a great way thank you

TIROL™ Car Soft Rack
Shmuel Steinberg
Soft Car Rack

Very easy to install, very easy to use. I use the product locally to take my kayak to the water. For short distances, this product seems wonderful.

It worked for me but cutting off now

I was skeptical but this product worked for me, I can definitely see a change in my abdominal region. I gave it a 4 because now it seems to cut off earlier during use. I don’t know why and don’t know how much longer it will last.. I purchased it in January it’s only March.

This product is great, I love it. It's small enough that it blends nicely with whatever room you choose to use it in. The unit easily unscrews in half, you fill the reservoir with water, screw back together, plug in and touch the indicator and immediately it begins to emit a fine spray into the air. Touch the indicator twice, you can enjoy the color changes on the unit. I have trouble with my sinuses drying and becoming painful, due to the heat on in the winter months. This little unit has solved that problem for me and my plants are in heaven with the new humidity within the house.
I'm very happy with this product and I will recommend it to anyone who has sinus issues during the winter months due to heat creating dry air within your house.

Sturdy Pull up bar.

So far this bar is a big hit at the house. I bought it for my oldest son to start working out with and my daughters tried it also and loved it. It holds up well to all kinds of pressure. Is extremely sturdy. This is mg second pull up bar as the kids found a way to break the other one which wasn't a bar like this. Would definitely recommend this product.

Feels solid

I have a pretty solid walkway arch I mounted this bar to. You can put lot of good tension on the bar for secure fit. Also used piece of paper towel to protect the paint further. I am 250 pounds and I can hang on this bar no problem. Hopefully in the future I can knock out some good numbers. but, as of now I can do couple no problem on this bar. feels secure and I don't feel like it will collapse. Just make sure it's on tight and leveled and I think you will be good to go.

Sturdy bar, should work well.

Surprisingly sturdy. The bar takes a lot of rotations of the tool to reach the full length, but that is what makes it very adjustable. Bar seems well made, and is a little heavy. I suggest extending the bar most of the desired length before trying to place it in the door. Adjusting the length in the doorframe while holding above your head would be a little tricky for one person to do.
I am not using this as a pull up bar, but instead as a door stop. The bar does support my weight (200 pounds) and seems to evenly distributed that weight across the door frame. Make sure the door you want to use this on is sturdy.

Legit Design

The heavy-duty door mount supports 440 pounds and is recommended for most humans. It is solidly built.

The bar is adjustable and fits different doors.

Comfortable foam grips are good. Why I decided to buy this unit, alignment bar is a great, i did not see that option at the other units.

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